Call me Peet!

Hi, my name is Petra Rekman, but my friends call me 'Peet'.  Hence the pseudonym Peentyourdreams.


As a manifesting generator (I am into Human Design) I am constantly transforming and exploring new passions. I seek for beauty in the ordinary and find nature extremely inspiring.


My artwork revolves around my personal experiences and life story. My brain is always on. This turns out to be both a curse and a blessing, as it can lead to chaos and stress. The (3D) collages, boxes and sculptures I make are an attempt to organize my mind. Putting everything neatly in boxes creates order out of chaos. In the creating process, I discover which stories or images I want to keep and which I can let go.


‘You are what you keep.’ 

- Picasso - 


My art reflects my personal journey, and with it, I hope to inspire you to pursue your dreams and happiness.

Feel free to contact me, are we already connected on social media?

Life is art, Peent your dreams!